There is huge diversity and variety in the label and packaging market. From newspaper to craft beer and distilleries to CBD oil. And all of them are viable markets. These markets can be divided into three categories:

  1. Traditional: Newspaper labels
  2. Adolescent: Craft Beer and Distilleries
  3. Emerging: CBD Oil & homeopathic products

Each one of these markets represents a progression within the label and packaging industry. Smart firms are recognizing the need to diversify and accommodate the diverse needs of multiple industries/clients.

While newspapers subscriptions are in decline nation-wide, they still provide a source of revenue and production for label companies. They continue to be a primary marketing option for various industries, products and services. Holiday ads, inserts and front page labels are still in demand. The Thanksgiving Day newspaper with Black Friday ads usually leads the pack in demand. While this traditional revenue stream is in decline it is not dead. Companies, services and manufacturers still use newspapers as an advertising stream. Be aware of opportunities with this proven industry while others are jumping ship to the next “big thing”.

Craft beer and craft distilleries offer incredible opportunities for label and printing companies to produce labels that stick despite multiple environmental factors like extreme temperatures, liquid contact and other variables affecting label adhesion and performance. New digital printing technology enables smaller, high quality labels with definition and detail that can perform in challenging conditions.

CBD oil and other products is an emerging market that is just beyond infancy. The industry is still taking baby steps in regard to research, production, packaging and regulatory agencies. CBD oil specifically needs the right label because the carrier oils can saturate the label over time and ruin a great design. Oils like avocado, olive and palm help the body process the extract power which is diluted in the oil. The oils enhance the product and allow the CBD to bond with the fat molecules within the oil. Any oil is messy and who doesn’t have a bottle in their pantry, or garage that has a label that has been mutilated over time?

At Century Printing and Packaging we have designed a single flap label that peels away and provides the important label information. The ability to provide instructions and any regulatory requirements adds value of additional space on a small package. The label is printed on white polypropylene film and laminate. The laminate coated film stays on through the life of the bottle so important dosing information will last through the product life usage.

Ben Waldrop
Century Printing & Packaging
Greer, SC 29651