The new packaging allows producers to have more flexibility in packaging and presentation. This trend is something we are seeing in the industry and we are able to accommodate the label printing needs within the film packaging.

Distribution centers and stores like the film option because it saves space, money, and is more environmentally friendly. Plus it offers flexibility unavailable in traditional clamshell packaging. The film pouches do not require bins, or bin borders like open produce presentations so merchants can accommodate more product that lasts longer.

Producers welcome the chance to have their bag of produce in a consumer’s refrigerator, or counter sporting their name and logo with graphics that pop. From a store produce section to the home a producers name is front and center, instead of being thrown away in a clamshell label.

Retailers want to increase fresh produce space, profits, and turn produce quicker. By presenting produce in the new film packaging, grocers can reduce produce shrinkage from traditional open bin presentations, reduce waste from produce that falls on the floor and give customers the convenience of pre-packaged produce without having to spend the time digging through individual product in open bins/coolers.

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