With the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act in December 2018, CBD industrial hemp extract producers and distributors were freed from the stringent guidelines governing controlled substances. The new law removed hemp from the Controlled Substance Act, because there is no THC in CBD oil from industrial hemp extract. While this was a big shot in the arm for the industry it did not free it from label disclosures. While CBD oil is not regulated by the FDA reputable producers are responsible and careful regarding full disclosure in their labeling.

Typically CBD oil labels provide the following:

  • Batch #
  • Ingredients
  • Bottle Size
  • Serving/dosing information
  • Amount of CBD

Some states, like Indiana, now require QR codes and independent lab analysis results in addition to the information above. Label integrity and quality is extremely important whether the product is for humans, pets, etc.

Complicating or challenging label quality is the oil itself. Actual CBD extract is a white powder, which is diluted in carrier oil so the body can process (bioavailability) the extract without wasting any excess. The oils (e.g., avocado, olive, palm, etc.) actually enhance the effectiveness by allowing the CBD to bond with the fat molecules within the oil. The oils actually enhance the CBD extract. However, oil can be messy. The oil spills on the label and bottle, causing ink to run on the label and creating a mess. The labels need protection from the oil.

At Century Printing and Packaging we have found a solution to the challenge of oil saturated/corrupted labels. We have designed a single flap that peels provided extended label information. The label is printed on white polypropylene film with laminate. The laminate coated film stays through the life of the bottle so someone needing dosing information halfway through the life of the bottle (because they forgot, etc.) can have the information at their fingerprints without missing the information due to ink runs from the CBD oil.

Finding creative and innovative solutions to these challenges is what drives us at Century Printing and Packaging. We provide printing and packaging solutions for a variety of CBD hemp extract products.

Ben Waldrop, President
Century Printing and Packaging, Inc.
Greer, SC 29651