When your customers need a shift in their print strategy, we’re waiting to deliver stunning results, calling upon years of experience and having done thousands of different types of labels, we can zero in on a solution that will fit your need perfectly. In today’s media, with consumers facing a barrage of digital ads, some of which are of dubious credibility, printed labels evoke trust and verification and give the advertiser a great return on investment.

We have provided Front Page Ad Labels to newspapers since 2003. We currently print for over 200 newspapers nationwide.

We do more than provide front Page Ad Notes at a competitive price. We recognize the need to help you meet your advertiser’s needs by being responsive to:

  • Short lead times
  • Order changes
  • Graphics assistance
  • Marketing support
  • Technical support for your production staff.

All of these services contribute to your advertiser getting a satisfactory response to their Ad… which is the key to your earning repeat orders and new business. Meeting these challenges is how we add value to our product and to your bottom line. Contact us today to learn how to get an [Ad]Vantage in your business.

We offer a wide range of special products and printing features to help you customize a label to meet your customer’s specific needs.

  • Rectangles in four sizes, 3″x3″, 2.875″x2.875″, 3″ x 2.75″, and 3″x2.375″”
  • 8 Special Shapes for 3″x3
  • Backside Printing
  • Coin Reactive Reveal Ink

We also put a high gloss varnish on our labels to enhance the appearance. We can provide labels with multiple adhesive patterns and coat weights. You may specify any Standard PMS Color, or 4-Color Process.

  • No additional charges for any product or feature listed above
  • We ship the exact quantity you order
  • No Rush Charges

Our ongoing Sales and Marketing Support will help you launch, maintain, or grow your Front Page Ad Note Program.

Century Printing & Packaging offers free on-site or web-based training for your sales staff. This training is available for startup programs or as a stimulus for existing programs. Our goal is to familiarize your staff with all of our products and printing features so they can demonstrate to your advertisers value-added ways to enhance their ad. Training will also give your staff ideas on prospective customers for Front Page Ads and how to present the product.

Perf-less Web

Recognizing the importance of supplying product that achieves virtually flawless application rates. Our labels are manufactured with no perforation in the backing by using our patent-pending process. This virtually eliminates web breaks, even at high speed application rates. Our labels have been tested on Accraply equipment at an application rate of 80,000 per hour with no web breaks.

Order Processing

Order Transmission and processing is critical for on-time delivery. Our Order Processing System is designed with a number of validation steps to assure correct information is communicated. We provide a customized PO Form that ensures all the important information is transmitted to us. We accept orders via Email, FAX, and FTP.

Order Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation via Email of every order so that you know that transmission was successful.

Schedule Confirmation

An up-to-date schedule of your orders are available to help you keep track of all the orders we have in our system for you.

Schedule and Delivery

Fast turnaround of your orders is one of our trademark services. Typically we will ship your order with 3 days (noon cut-off) of final artwork receipt. We ship via UPS and LTL Carriers. We will ship using the lowest cost service that will meet your required press dates. You will receive shipment notification and in-transit exceptions on UPS Shipments.

The [Ad] Value Concept is to produce a sticky note product that meets your customer’s expectations in every aspect, including:

  • On Time Delivery
  • Appearance
  • Price
  • Successful Application
  • Reader Response

Achieving these goals will lead to repeat orders and new sticky note customers.

Printing Guidelines

  • Flexographic
  • Coin Reactive Reveal
  • Special Shapes
  • Backside Printing Guideline
  • QR Codes & Barcodes