The drive to be noticed has never been greater for brand owners in a retail display or point of sale environment. It’s Christmas in the retail world and everyone is concerned about their display in their retailer distribution points. How does your product stand out against the competition?

If you are hesitant with your answer then you’ve already been beaten in the printing and packaging world. We understand the need to get the message across asap so holiday shoppers will gravitate towards your product whether it’s online or on a shelf.

We’ve been printing and packaging for holiday shipping and point of sale for 23 years. We understand the urgency and need to get product fulfillment delivered. If your packaging requires special attention we have the experience and expertise to meet those needs and deliver your product on time.

Packaging for the holidays is critical and those of us in the printing and packaging industry not only understand the deadlines and urgency but the demand for quality and shelf appeal as well. Having a great product is the first step, but if it’s not accompanied by appealing packaging and printing at the point of sale it will only get lost in the competition.

Quick turnaround in the printing and packaging industry can appear to run at a sloth-like pace because there are so many steps involved before the product gets to the point of sale. We understand the “look and feel” of printing and packaging. We know that artwork and graphic design are as important as what is inside the packaging.

At Century Printing and Packaging we understand and respond to last-minute or late holiday printing and packaging needs and requests. We are poised to deliver under the most extreme deadlines and terms. Whether it’s digital printing, digital press, or flexo we have the team ready to help you get your holiday orders done in a high-quality fashion.

We are a seasoned company in producing flex film, metalized, roll stock, and sealed packaging for our clients. Even if your normal vendor is unavailable due to high demand or Covid-19 we are here to help. Give us a call and let’ discuss your artwork, and order demands today. Whether it’s CBD labels, Craft Beer Labels, flexo packaging needs, or whatever you need we are available. Contact us today.

At Century Printing & Packaging our flexible packaging printing and labels not only stand out but stand up to the environmental performance conditions required of them. Our goal is to produce high performing labels and flexible packaging that stick, attract, and perform. We are experienced in beer, craft beer, CBD, nutraceuticals, food-grade film, flexible packaging, and much more. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.

Ben Waldrop, President
Century Printing and Packaging, Inc.
Greer, SC 29651