No matter what size or shape your product is, we have a solution for you and if we don’t we’ll create one. Meeting the needs of our customers has led to a host of innovations here and we’re always looking for more.

Flexible Packaging

If your product calls for a flexible packaging solution, we’re the partner you need. We have a vast network of suppliers and can accommodate a wide range of needs.We can add oxygen or vapor barriers if your product calls for that. We can even add varnishes or laminates to protect and enhance your graphics. We print up to 8 colors and you can use white or clear film. We’ll match your current construction or work with you to create a new one. Our minimum orders are small to help you stay in budget, even for sample runs and new product rollouts.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive labels are the bulk of what we produce. These versatile, self-adhesive labels can adhere to a wide variety of products in any environment. We can produce a customized solution with a variety of laminates and varnishes, to enhance and protect your brand.

Lidding Film

At Century, we also specialize in lidding film to seal your products in a way that not only protects their freshness and taste, but also communicates that quality to the consumer with bright, attractive graphics. Lidding film is a growing option for packaging and we have an extensive network of suppliers to assist you in taking advantage of this option. Lidding film is versatile as it can stick to a variety of materials and can be sealed at a variety of temperatures. We use water-based ink, which adds to the eco-friendly nature of this packaging option.