As 2019 fades away there are a lot of trends we are seeing in the area of packaging and printing for 2020. So without prejudice here is what we see happening in the area of printing and packaging for the New Year. These observations are based on product orders. They are customer-driven and produced on data from actual orders and trends we see for the new year and decade ahead. In 2020 these are some of the trends we see developing:

  1. Matte laminate is the way to go. Two to three years ago it was a “glossy” approach from our customers. Every printer was switching their quotes to a gloss finish exclusively. Matte finish is the look and feel for the new decade.
  2. In 2020 more and more customers are going to pursue film with sustainable packaging. “Green” is the watchword and sustainable packaging the capitalizes on protecting future generations is vogue. More and more manufacturers are exploring ways they can go “green” and conserve materials by investing in more sustainable options.
  3. Manufacturers are seeking ways to connect the content/copy of two labels into one through a single label. Saving money and being environmentally conscious by using less paper and taking advantage of a single stream to produce multiple copy space where before, they were using multiple streams of paper/film. Less paper + more content = sustainable environment.
  4. Individualized SKUs and label specialization or packaging to match product specialization.
  5. Hinged labels offering more copy and print room in high performing labels for #CBD tincture, #CBD oils, nutraceuticals, and #craft beer/spirit labels.

The market continues to reveal that old approaches are not getting it done. New, creative and innovative approaches to printing and packaging are the wave of the future. Manufacturers and producers need to face reality and the trends of innovation for the future. The old ways aren’t going to last in an emerging economy. Only those companies who realize and empower new ways of thinking and packaging are going to survive and succeed.

Make sure your printing/packaging company can produce these trends in real numbers and provide them with high quality and affordable terms. It’s not enough to say you can deliver, it requires more to deliver within the parameters of the order, on time, within budget and within the highest quality possible.

This is the reality of printing and packaging in the new decade. Why would you engage a company, or supplier still working and producing in protocols of the last decade? Every day is passing you by and leads are fleeting under the old school approaches. Engage companies that are catching the wave and seeking to improve your bottom line in the arena of printing and packaging.

At Century Printing and Packaging we talk about, plan and implement innovative ideas as it relates to printing and packaging. Call, or contact us today to see what we can do together in the new decade.

Ben Waldrop
Century Printing & Packaging
Greer, SC 29651