Does your label, or packaging material look, or feel different than it used too? Is it still performing as it has in the past with your environmentally sensitive product? Packaging and printing materials are constantly changing. Manufacturers are always tweaking to improve their products, but also to cut production or manufacturing costs. Knowing whether or not your label material has changed is important, but if you rely on your printing and packaging company to inform you of any changes you may never know.

Material changes are constant. Your product labels might have the same look and feel, but suddenly not work in the same environment as the previous production runs. The possible culprit is a material change. If your printer is unaware of the change it’s more likely you won’t know either.

Labels and packaging supplies or materials are made all over the world. In a global economy, cheaper is not always better. For example, some of the materials made in China, or other parts of the world are comprised of substances that look similar to your old label but provide a subpar performance for various reasons. Even the slightest change in adhesives can impact label performance when subjected to increased humidity, or temperatures. The last thing you need is a label that isn’t sticking to the product.

Wise are the companies and manufacturers that ask their printing and packaging suppliers about material changes. You need to know if your supplier is flexible and can adapt to the changes, or will they refuse inferior products even if they pass a “look and feel” test. Recent tariff increases have impacted the cost within the materials market as well.

High quality and dependable printing and packaging companies will also know if certain vendors or suppliers have been flagged by various state government agencies like an attorney general or secretary of state. For example, if a particular chemical has been used that is not in compliance with U.S. regulations it could create a delay in production for your printing needs.

So ask your printing and packaging provider if any materials have recently changed to their knowledge in your labels, or printing. Regularly check the performance quality of your labels. Certain car manufacturers randomly pull cars off the line to perform additional inspections to their normal post-production quality assurance. Ask your vendor to also provide a few extra labels or packages to give them a look and feel test. Also, report any labels that are underperforming to your provider as soon as you notice one. A reputable vendor will want to know asap.

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