It’s summer and the warm weather means mosquitos, chiggers, ticks, black flies and more flying, or jumping pests to bite us, and our pets. These annoying pests can carry all kinds of lovely things like malaria, Dengue, encephalitis viruses like West Nile, Chagas, and Lyme’s disease. These bloodsuckers can be a real buzz-kill {pun intended}.

These products all provide protection from these pesky little creatures, but they have different applications. Repel Max/Deep Woods Off contain the highest levels of DEET for applications when hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping in areas where there is greater exposure to the little blood biting creatures. Both Repel/Off and a variety of generics offer “light,” versions that contain less DEET. People wanting less chemical and a more natural repellent opt for products with lemon grass, cedar and citronella oils. All of these products are available in sprays, creams and body sticks. You apply them to exposed skin, and/or spray on your clothing, hats, sleeping bags, etc.

ThermaCELL is a different kind of repellent. It is similar to a citronella torch/candle, but doesn’t have an odor, or visible affect. You ignite the butane and it heats up a repellent-laced pad providing protection up to 15ft away. It comes in portable, tabletop and patio pole applications. You can use the portable in a boat, deer stand, or outside a tent to keep mosquitos away.

Each of these repellents has different applications. You wouldn’t apply Deep Woods Off/Repel Max to an infant, toddler, or small child. A hunter, angler, or hiker is going to need heavier protection because they are more exposed in their locations. A group gathered on a patio would be more likely to use a ThermaCELL than ask individuals to cover themselves in sprays.

Digital Press label applications are similar in that they can meet a variety of applications. You may need a run of labels for a craft beer, spirit, or CBD oil application. Every one is different and has different applications. While the same press can churn out the desired results it begins with the client’s goal, application and need.

The advantage of the Digital Press is high quality in shorter numbers eliminating the process of plate setups and long runs on Lithographic presses. Detail is stunning and labels that can withstand spills from oils, wet/cold applications and more duress are not only achievable, but also possible in a relative short turn around. The digital press offers a variety of industry the opportunity for high definition, consumer appealing labels that meet or exceed a diverse range of application requirements ranging from temperature, or wet, to oil, or fold out direction, or instruction flaps.

If you are a Craft Beer, or Craft Distiller, or CBD oil producer you typically need fewer runs, but still want to maintain high quality labels that perform under a variety of applications.

At Century Printing and Packaging we have a dedicated Digital One Press designed for such jobs. Contact us and let’s discuss your unique needs and design that can be delivered to spec and on time!

At Century Printing and Packaging we design and print labels that stick and stand out!

Ben Waldrop, President
Century Printing and Packaging, Inc.
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