When it comes to food packaging labels matter. Labels provide helpful information for consumers considering a product. Contents, ingredients, and nutritional facts on the label provides critical information as well as meeting government, or regulatory requirements such as the FDA, etc. Labeling informs the consumer of specific dietary information like non-GMO, Certified Organic, Gluten-free, and more.

In addition to providing health and nutrition information labels serve your brand and image needs. Your label is the first line of sight for consumers whether it’s in a produce bin, or on a shelf. Point of sale appeal is vital in reaching consumers with an engaging/appealing presentation. Your point of sale presentation is not only a first impression, but one of your biggest marketing vehicles for consumers who have never purchased, or tried the product.

Label and packaging performance is critical for products that are exposed to cold, heat, or moisture. Insuring product integrity despite environmental challenges is the mark of a high quality label designed specifically to handle these factors. Product integrity is another consideration. Does your current packaging keep products fresh, dry, moist, or free from bruising as designed?

Sustainable packaging is becoming more and more important as consumers want and expect packaged goods to be recyclable, or made from renewable sources to reduce energy costs and conserve raw materials. Your package design could be preventing an entire generation of consumers from purchasing a great product that is simply held back by a perceived attitude that disregards environmental concerns. Green is the new black and consumers are more sensitive to these issues than previous generations.

Some of the best products in the marketplace fail to generate consumer traction simply because of the way they are packaged and labeled. The last thing a manufacturer, or company wants to do is put their product in unattractive and unfriendly enviro materials.

At Century Printing & Packaging we have been printing labels that stick and providing appealing packaging results for years. We want to help you sell your brand in ways that compliment your product. Labels and packaging are all we do so trust us to work with you like a partner instead of a job number.

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