Manufacturer’s have so many options in today’s label packaging and printing industry. Depending upon the product application or context there is more variety than ever before in choosing the packaging option that best suits your product. Constant improvements, changes, updates and creation of new kinds of film packaging options offer less waste and increase sustainability.

Among the recent film packaging options are:

Polyethylene bags provide strength, square bottoms, side gusseted, side welded, and wicketed bags for everything from dog food to dishwasher, or laundry pouches. These bags offer multiple printing options whether it is food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, agricultural grade and more.

Standup Resealable pouches. Think like a Roo! These pouches offer flexibility and innovative storage opportunities that no longer require glass, or larger plastic containers. Resealable pouches can also be food grade for pet treats, pickles, baking ingredients (e.g., sugar, flour), or dry pharmaceutical products. powder, sugar and other products. Both of these options can be punched to allow for hooked sales display.

Rollstock film offers flexibility and printing options for a variety of product and packaging applications. It can be manipulated and printed to conform to several packaging options. The most critical aspect of rollstock film is beginning with the highest quality of film for the specific kind of printing and packaging you need.

Bladder/Chamber pouches offer single, or dual bladders to hold liquids, pastes, granules from food to pharma/ag, cleaners, athletic supplements and other applications.

Today’s packaging and printing material is as diverse and creative as ever. It continues to grow through ingenuity and innovation.

Talk to your label printing, or packaging company about these and other creative packaging and label solutions. Strong printing and packaging companies are consulted on the front end of the design process because of their breadth of experience in the industry. If you are struggling to find the right application ask your printer.

At Century Printing and Packaging we have been designing and producing label and packaging solutions for years. We serve pharmaceutical (e.g, CBD oil & tincture), food grade, agricultural, janitorial, dry goods, craft beer/distilleries, and many more products. Whether it’s a flexo press, or digital application we can help you find the right solution, color, and quality.

Ben Waldrop President
Century Printing & Packaging
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