Digital Press


Everything from produce/food labels, health related packaging bottle labels (from craft beers to medicine, or food products) and much more.

The digital press enables shorter runs, faster turnaround, and wet/cold applications without sacrificing quality. Previously, shorter runs were cost prohibitive on larger, flexographic presses because there just weren’t enough labels produced to justify the cost.

In addition to cost savings without sacrificing quality, the digital press produces labels that stick no matter how cold, wet, bulky, or leafy the product. The digital press enables companies like Century Printing and Packaging to provide high-quality, affordable labels for the craft beer and beverage market, all natural health products like CBD oil, and the newly emerging film packaging within the produce and grocery industries.

Label appearance for craft, or niche beverages as well as produce, or other food/health related products is critical in terms of product appeal, perceived freshness and taste. Nobody wants an inferior label that hinders the point of purchase decision and falls off, or peels when the product is cold, or wet after purchase.

Our Mark Andy Digital One press is a simple and compact resource that allows us to free up capacity on our higher output presses and use the digital press for special orders, especially those that require peel away labels with instructions, or labels that are exposed to liquid contents, water, ice, and heat. These smaller orders can be produced faster and effectively.

The 4-color CMYK, hybrid spot with in-line flexographic and air-cooled, UV LED drying enables us to produce dynamic labels that meet industry compliance standards and exceed customer expectations.

Our customer’s printing needs are very diverse in terms of design, application, and size of orders. Every one is different which is why we have to specialize in a thousand areas as if they were all the same, but can accommodate customized orders within reasonable are able to personalize and customize. The digital press has expanded our ability to do this with our existing clients/projects and welcome an entirely new customer base because we can accommodate their specialized but lower volume in an affordable manner.

At Century Printing and Packaging we recognize that each of our customers work very hard to create some of the highest quality/performing products, but they cannot survive if their labels are smearing, sliding off from temperature/moisture exposure, repeated product usage, or even storage to shelf time. For example, digital press labels for cold beverages are not only made to stick, they stand out in color, design and quality whether it’s on the shelf, or in the retailers cooler. You can have a phenomenal product, but you can lose sales to an inferior product by the competition because they have a better looking and lasting label. You get one chance to make a first impression and a high quality label that sticks can make the difference!