Enhanced Printing and Packaging The New Wave

Premium packaging and printing are only growing in popularity as manufacturers realize the “look and feel” of their point of sale products are as important as the quality of the product. Take a walk through a craft beer store, wine or natural food product aisles in your local, or specialty grocery, or just browse at products online. Whether it’s a food product, craft beer, home essentials, electronics, cosmetics, nutraceutical, and more manufacturers are investing in color, design, digital printing, flexible packaging, and metalized film to make their products stand out.

Market research bears out that consumers are more likely to notice premium packaging and enhanced printing before they will other products. It makes sense since every product category has so many brands to choose from compared to 10-25 years ago. The need to stand out has never been greater.

Film products continue to improve in quality and performance. Whether it’s the pressure seal, or the ability to keep a trail bar from degrading before the point of delivery/sale in terms of humidity, moisture, etc., the industry is answering the call to deliver on these dynamic and high-quality products and packaging. Metalized film has only expanded customer options.

Customer product interaction continues to grow as more manufacturers work with their printers to embed codes that can be scanned by the consumer and allow them to engage the product beyond the packaging online. The CBD and craft beer markets are taking advantage of labeling that maximizes space for an additional message and the required legal, or nutritional statements. The Story-Label™was born from innovative research and development designed to give craft brewers a way to unhinge their brand and engage the consumer beyond the limits of traditional labels. These high-performing labels are a prime example of enhanced and premium packaging that continues to grow within the industry.

Digital printing has given the industry and its customers options in terms of being able to produce shorter runs of labels without sacrificing quality and producing stunning results in relatively short turnaround times. The Digital printer can provide printed proofs straight off the press. This is ideal for customers needing just a short run of labels, or flexible packaging. For example, if your bottled water company is going to a tradeshow or has an event where you need 100 specialty labels this is ideal because there are no setup fees for a large press run and it saves time.

Another example of cutting turnaround times is the PDF proof which is the fastest and most economical way to proof a print file before going to press. The beauty of a PDF is that it can be viewed across various platforms and different size variations for the benefit of the customer.

Print and label performance has only increased as there is more research than ever going into dies, inks, and packaging that are environmentally friendly through water-based inks, and sustainable packaging.

At Century Printing & Packaging we understand the importance of shelf appeal optics when it comes to the “look and feel” of a product at the point of sale. Our flexible packaging printing and labels not only stand out but stand up to the environmental performance conditions required of them. Our goal is to produce high performing labels and flexible packaging that stick, attract, and perform. We are experienced in beer, craft beer, CBD, nutraceuticals, food-grade film, flexible packaging, and much more. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.

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Film/Packaging Options Abound

Manufacturer’s have so many options in today’s label packaging and printing industry. Depending upon the product application or context there is more variety than ever before in choosing the packaging option that best suits your product. Constant improvements, changes, updates and creation of new kinds of film packaging options offer less waste and increase sustainability.

Among the recent film packaging options are:

Polyethylene bags provide strength, square bottoms, side gusseted, side welded, and wicketed bags for everything from dog food to dishwasher, or laundry pouches. These bags offer multiple printing options whether it is food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, agricultural grade and more.

Standup Resealable pouches. Think like a Roo! These pouches offer flexibility and innovative storage opportunities that no longer require glass, or larger plastic containers. Resealable pouches can also be food grade for pet treats, pickles, baking ingredients (e.g., sugar, flour), or dry pharmaceutical products. powder, sugar and other products. Both of these options can be punched to allow for hooked sales display.

Rollstock film offers flexibility and printing options for a variety of product and packaging applications. It can be manipulated and printed to conform to several packaging options. The most critical aspect of rollstock film is beginning with the highest quality of film for the specific kind of printing and packaging you need.

Bladder/Chamber pouches offer single, or dual bladders to hold liquids, pastes, granules from food to pharma/ag, cleaners, athletic supplements and other applications.

Today’s packaging and printing material is as diverse and creative as ever. It continues to grow through ingenuity and innovation.

Talk to your label printing, or packaging company about these and other creative packaging and label solutions. Strong printing and packaging companies are consulted on the front end of the design process because of their breadth of experience in the industry. If you are struggling to find the right application ask your printer.

At Century Printing and Packaging we have been designing and producing label and packaging solutions for years. We serve pharmaceutical (e.g, CBD oil & tincture), food grade, agricultural, janitorial, dry goods, craft beer/distilleries, and many more products. Whether it’s a flexo press, or digital application we can help you find the right solution, color, and quality.

Ben Waldrop President
Century Printing & Packaging
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The Multiple Stages of Label & Packaging Markets

There is huge diversity and variety in the label and packaging market. From newspaper to craft beer and distilleries to CBD oil. And all of them are viable markets. These markets can be divided into three categories:

  1. Traditional: Newspaper labels
  2. Adolescent: Craft Beer and Distilleries
  3. Emerging: CBD Oil & homeopathic products

Each one of these markets represents a progression within the label and packaging industry. Smart firms are recognizing the need to diversify and accommodate the diverse needs of multiple industries/clients.

While newspapers subscriptions are in decline nation-wide, they still provide a source of revenue and production for label companies. They continue to be a primary marketing option for various industries, products and services. Holiday ads, inserts and front page labels are still in demand. The Thanksgiving Day newspaper with Black Friday ads usually leads the pack in demand. While this traditional revenue stream is in decline it is not dead. Companies, services and manufacturers still use newspapers as an advertising stream. Be aware of opportunities with this proven industry while others are jumping ship to the next “big thing”.

Craft beer and craft distilleries offer incredible opportunities for label and printing companies to produce labels that stick despite multiple environmental factors like extreme temperatures, liquid contact and other variables affecting label adhesion and performance. New digital printing technology enables smaller, high quality labels with definition and detail that can perform in challenging conditions.

CBD oil and other products is an emerging market that is just beyond infancy. The industry is still taking baby steps in regard to research, production, packaging and regulatory agencies. CBD oil specifically needs the right label because the carrier oils can saturate the label over time and ruin a great design. Oils like avocado, olive and palm help the body process the extract power which is diluted in the oil. The oils enhance the product and allow the CBD to bond with the fat molecules within the oil. Any oil is messy and who doesn’t have a bottle in their pantry, or garage that has a label that has been mutilated over time?

At Century Printing and Packaging we have designed a single flap label that peels away and provides the important label information. The ability to provide instructions and any regulatory requirements adds value of additional space on a small package. The label is printed on white polypropylene film and laminate. The laminate coated film stays on through the life of the bottle so important dosing information will last through the product life usage.

Ben Waldrop
Century Printing & Packaging
Greer, SC 29651

Compostable Packaging

Companies with single serve plastic products are looking for options regarding recyclable materials.

Composting has become an attractive option according to Adele Peters of Fast Company magazine: “As companies struggle to deal with the challenge of single-use packaging, compostable options are becoming more common, and consumers might consider it greenwashing if they knew that the packaging won’t ever actually be composted. The system, though, is beginning to change, including new innovations in materials. “These are solvable problems, not inherent problems,” says Rhodes Yepsen, executive director of the nonprofit Biodegradable Products Institute. If the system can be fixed—just like the broken recycling system needs to be fixed—it can be one piece of solving the bigger problem of growing trash. It’s not the only solution. Yepsen says that it makes sense to start by reducing packaging and prioritizing reusable products, and then design whatever’s left to be recyclable or compostable depending on the application. But compostable packaging makes particular sense for food; if both food and food packaging can be composted together, it could also help keep more food out of landfills, where it’s a major source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.”

K-Cups, Nespresso, and Protein Pack producers realize that future production will need to include sustainable, viable compost/recycling options. These products will need sustainable packaging and printing options. You can print on plastic, but if it is not recyclable, or compostable it will yield a short shelf life and low return. Today’s consumers are more focused on the environment and recycling than in the past. They want products that are more environmentally friendly. Just because a product container is marked recyclable doesn’t mean it is environmentally friendly.

Future packaging is going to have to be distinguishable from the existing options. Consumers are going to have to be convinced that the product is causing zero landfill options. Manufacturers need printing and packaging vendors that can produce the results they are looking for like environmentally friendly and compostable containers.

We are learning more and more every day about the options available for environmentally friendly manufacturers and packaging companies. Adele Peters again: “PepsiCo aims to make all of its packaging recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable by 2025 to help with its climate goals.” Companies across America are paying attention to the environment and consumers’ please for more friendly containers and packaging.

At Century Printing and Packaging, we support and affirm environmental friendly resources and products. We use water based inks and have access to FSC certified papers and compostable films. We provide labels and print packaging for a variety of products and we are eager to explore compostable and recyclable product options with our clients. Contact us today to discuss your unique printing and packaging needs.

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Century Printing & Packaging
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Labels in Food Packaging Are Important

When it comes to food packaging labels matter. Labels provide helpful information for consumers considering a product. Contents, ingredients, and nutritional facts on the label provides critical information as well as meeting government, or regulatory requirements such as the FDA, etc. Labeling informs the consumer of specific dietary information like non-GMO, Certified Organic, Gluten-free, and more.

In addition to providing health and nutrition information labels serve your brand and image needs. Your label is the first line of sight for consumers whether it’s in a produce bin, or on a shelf. Point of sale appeal is vital in reaching consumers with an engaging/appealing presentation. Your point of sale presentation is not only a first impression, but one of your biggest marketing vehicles for consumers who have never purchased, or tried the product.

Label and packaging performance is critical for products that are exposed to cold, heat, or moisture. Insuring product integrity despite environmental challenges is the mark of a high quality label designed specifically to handle these factors. Product integrity is another consideration. Does your current packaging keep products fresh, dry, moist, or free from bruising as designed?

Sustainable packaging is becoming more and more important as consumers want and expect packaged goods to be recyclable, or made from renewable sources to reduce energy costs and conserve raw materials. Your package design could be preventing an entire generation of consumers from purchasing a great product that is simply held back by a perceived attitude that disregards environmental concerns. Green is the new black and consumers are more sensitive to these issues than previous generations.

Some of the best products in the marketplace fail to generate consumer traction simply because of the way they are packaged and labeled. The last thing a manufacturer, or company wants to do is put their product in unattractive and unfriendly enviro materials.

At Century Printing & Packaging we have been printing labels that stick and providing appealing packaging results for years. We want to help you sell your brand in ways that compliment your product. Labels and packaging are all we do so trust us to work with you like a partner instead of a job number.

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