Innovative Sustainable Butter Wrap

Century Printing and Packaging is proud to partner with AR Metallizing to introduce a ground-breaking new butter wrap for dairies and butter producers. Imagine an eco-friendly sustainable butter wrap for butter products. This revolutionary new butter wrapping invites eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials. It is quickly becoming a high-demand product for the food packaging industry.

If your brand is desiring higher sustainability goals this metalized wrapping is a solid, ready-to-go, recyclable butter wrap that can assist your brand in accomplishing these goals. This is not the current industry standard laminated foil. We are offering a revolutionary product that allows customers to incorporate a metalized paper that is product safe and environmentally friendly. This ground-breaking packaging will not affect your product’s functionality, freshness, and packaging aesthetics.

More and more consumers are seeking ways to conserve and be better stewards of the environment. Part of that effort is purchasing and using products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable. Small to medium-sized butter producers can stand out against the competition with this revolutionary butter wrap and packaging. This new foil and packaging allow butter brands to wrap their butter in a fiber-based mono-material to wrap and protect their product. This innovative packaging allows the butter and regional dairy producers to use this fiber-based mono-material to wrap and protect their butter.

Before switching to this innovative product, butter producers need to make sure they can retain the functionality of their present packaging and keep their products fresh and safe. A new material’s ability to integrate into the supply chain is also crucial.

AR Metallizing a Nissha Company is a producer of metalized papers. They have developed a fiber-based mono-material to wrap and protect butter. VacuBRITE® Greaseproof Plus is a certified recyclable paper. It is a sustainable alternative to laminated foil. This new product offers a huge environmental advantage that was previously unavailable to butter producers in the U.S.

The wrapper also offers superior light barrier properties which increase the shelf life while preserving the natural product color. The light barrier protects the product from aging, shelf life, and color. The wrapping offers butter producers and dairies an excellent dead-fold wrapping and filling process. The metalized paper is a print-ready product with no extra primer required.

AR Metalizing has been supplying the packaging and labeling industry with metalized papers for more than 40 years. They are a world leader in producing metalized paper. The company offers many advantages, “Our team has an extensive understanding of the needs of all partners in the supply chain, from the brand to the printer and converter. We are passionate about offering more than just our products. We see it as central to our role as a trusted supplier to support our clients with testing, performance analysis, technical and scientific understanding of our materials, and bringing products to market quickly. We are also available to work extensively with our customer’s existing supply chains to facilitate working with our products on their printing and converting machinery.”

Small, medium, and craft butter producers and dairies in the U.S. have a bold new option for wrapping and Century Printing and Packaging is proud to offer this innovative product among our printing and packaging options. Smaller printing companies have an advantage over larger ones in terms of print and plate setup yielding lower costs. The metalized paper and water-based inks are a win-win for U.S. dairies. The wrapper does not require a primer before printing which also helps lower printing costs.

At Century Printing and Packaging we are proud to partner with AR Metalizing to offer this revolutionary wrap to butter manufacturers in the U.S. and beyond.

Ben Waldrop, President
Century Printing and Packaging, Inc.
Greer, SC 29651

Shipping Manager at Century Printing and Packaging

Tonya Gilliam is the shipping manager for Century Printing and Packaging in Greer, South Carolina.  She has been with the company for seven years and her story is unique.

So Tonya how did you get involved with Century Printing and Packaging?

My daughter and Neil Waldrop’s daughter were in a play together in Greer and I was a volunteer.  Someone asked what I was doing.  I had been laid off and was looking for a job and they introduced me to Neil. He had an opening and a week later he called me and had a job opening for making plates. I started making plates and moved on to be the shipping manager.

What is your role at Century Printing and Packaging?

We deal with Fed Ex, UPS, TH Robinson, and other shipping companies to make sure that customers have what they need/order. The orders are fulfilled by putting them on a pallet.  They are double-checked so that each item like the packing list, bill of lading, and other necessary paperwork go into the boxes. We inspect the labels to make sure they are correct with the right amount of goods on the box and how many are in each box.

We are shipping from 7 am- 4 pm Monday through Friday. We resolve problems with shipping by tracking  UPS and FEDEX.  If we are in a situation we go through quantum view to track it, which lets me know if it’s late, lost, or didn’t get delivered, I will then contact sales and sales will contact the customers, if not I will call the carrier. If the package is lost I will replace it, but the shipping company makes good.

My team is pretty good and we can let everybody know to get the job done and get customers their labels. We push out every day and they know their responsibilities and we have a delivery driver, so everyone is on the same page for deliveries. 

How has Covid affected deliveries?

During Covid, if we ship out a package I have a map and UPS app, which tells how many days the order is in transit. If it does not arrive within two days I received a notification and follow up.  Shipping, logistic delays, and supply interruptions have all been affected by Covid-19 and a diminished workforce by various suppliers and shippers. If it’s past the set date we have to ship it out the next day. It’s a back and forth with a lot of communication with the shipping vendors.  Things were improving but with shipping and supply disruptions as well as the Delta Covid variant we are being challenged again, but our company is working ahead in anticipation of potential delays with our customers.  

What do you like about your job?

I love it and it’s always busy. It’s challenging but I get along with everyone, if I don’t know something I go to someone who knows the answer, they direct me to someone with the answer.  There is a lot of communication between the team and departments. We try to not make mistakes.

What has the growth at Century been like in your view?

We have a lot more customers than when I started, so we are busier. I used to work up front in the plate room, but then I came back to shipping. Want to make sure that every shipment is supposed to go out that day is shipped for our customers and on time!

Tell us about yourself?

I’m from the Greer/Taylors area. I am the mother of two children and a Riverside High School graduate and live two minutes from my job.  I love spending time with my family.  I love to walk and enjoy playing with my nieces and nephews. 

It’s a pleasure working here and I want to thank Neil Waldrop for giving me the opportunity to join the Century team!

At Century Printing and Packaging we have a long line of tenured employees who make up our team.  We are proud of their work, spirit, and the contribution they make to our quality of work and production.  All of them work hard to fulfill customers’ orders and produce high-quality work.