Special Event Labels

Right now the Covid19 is gathering steam across the country and every day brings more news related to it. As many are working remotely they have time to strategically think about their company’s calendar and an upcoming event in late summer, fall or winter that needs to be promoted. Perhaps you are looking for a unique way to leverage your brand, organization, or product.

Special event labels are a great way to boost your brand and events. If your craft brewery is having a concert why not produce beer labels showcasing the event? If the craft brewery is hosting the event and it’s a fundraiser partnering with several different companies to sponsor and raise funds/awareness for a non-profit organization you could do a run of labels featuring the band and the organization’s information. Better yet, do an initial run of digital labels ahead of the event to promote it at the brewery and point of sale locations.

A seasoned printer with digital printing capability can produce high performing quality labels for your event. You need to work with a printer that has experience in producing quality, high-performance labels in varying amounts of pressure-sensitive and element (cold, wet) tolerant labels for beverages, tinctures, oils, etc. Digital printer technology is providing quality performance labels in large and small quantities. The digital printer is flexible, offers a quick turnaround and produces sharp imaging and logos.

Schools, churches, hospitals, service organizations, and other non-profits can include their information on the label or a scancode that could take the patron or customer to another site with more information promoting their mission.

Weddings, anniversaries, life celebrations and more personal events can benefit from custom event labels as well. A charity golf outing or tournament is another great place to promote your brand through custom labels.

You can print a QR code on your custom label and provide a link to a website for more information on an event, venue, sponsorships and other things that will increase volume. Customized labels are also an opportunity to partner, or pair with a complementary and non-competing product.

Century Printing and Packaging is a family-owned printing and packaging company specializing in custom labels through digital, flexographic and other applications. We produce labels that perform and stick.

Ben Waldrop
Century Printing & Packaging
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Use Color and Creative Designs to Stand Out

How many times have you walked by various products at the point of purchase only to go for one that catches your eye because of its packaging or printing? Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever with the competitive markets in which we live today. That said there is no substitute for a product that actually works, performs, tastes, or delivers. So assuming you have a great product consider your printing and packaging look and feel. If you have a tried and true high performer don’t change it up, but change may be a really good thing if your product isn’t getting the traction it used to, or if it is underperforming compared to the competition.

How are you using color? Is your red logo screaming, or shouting at consumers? Consider the same logo but using different colors on different packaging or labels. Mix it up. How does the rest of the label compliment, or take away from your product? If you are producing spicey snacks then red is a great color to convey the fire of your product. However, if you are selling sleep aids red packaging is probably not going to win the day. However, light blue with a hint of gray is a strong performer.

Are your fonts hard to read for your particular product? Too many manufacturers think multiple fonts on a 4” label is creative. Competing fonts in terms of style and color can be confusing and detracting. Resist the temptation to go crazy with fonts. San Serif fonts like Arial/Helvetica are easier to read because the letters don’t have feet on them at the bottom. Making sure you have the right font for the right product and label is incredibly important.

You may have a friend, or neighbor who thinks they are pretty good with graphics, layout, and design, but are not professionally trained. Your printing and packaging look and feel is your brand identity and it’s not something you want in the hands of even the most capable layperson. Invest in professional graphics and design. You won’t feel obligated and you can ask for changes without feeling guilty. Design is not a place to skimp and work the “family deal”. Labels and packaging have to be functional but they are also graphic art.

Your printing and packaging are telling your brand story so invest in them. You won’t regret it. Make sure you have a printer that is versed and experienced in your specific label. If it’s a beer label and needs to perform in various climates (cold, ice, water) then ask how many they have done in the past. If it’s a product like CBD oil that has nutraceutical and performance aspects make sure they are capable of doing it. If it is food-grade, label or packaging you are going to want a vendor that has experience.

At Century Printing & Packaging we have been printing labels that stick, but have great eye appeal and consistently tell your brand story. We are experienced in beer, craft beer, CBD, nutraceuticals, food-grade film, packaging and much more. All we do are labels and packaging so trust us to work with you as a partner instead of a job number.

Ben Waldrop, President
Century Printing & Packaging
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Your Product is Great, But Your Label SUCKS!

Imagine having one of the best wines in Napa Valley, but the label is so bad no one ever buys the wine. Every consumer has used a product that tasted great, cleaned as promised, delivered in quality and performance, but the label, or packaging looked awful. If your label looks bad, or performs poorly, you are hurting your brand at the point of sale. Today’s labels have to be eye-catching, engaging, meticulous in graphic design, performance and appeal because there is more competition on the shelf than ever before.

All too often companies focus on product internals at the expense of externals. A top quality performing product should be the priority of capital investment, research and development, but if it’s presented in such a way that detracts from sales there is a problem. A bad label can kill a great product.

Today, anyone with a laptop can design artwork, labels and packaging, but just because you have the ability to do so doesn’t mean it is good. It’s hard to tell a client that their spouse’s graphic design is hard to reproduce in a label, match colors, etc., but printing and packaging companies worth their work owe it to the client to be honest and act in their best interest. The client has the final say, but advising a client with integrity is better than setting them up for failure. Labels and packaging have to be functional but they are also graphic art.

Artwork and graphics is not only about the ability to print on a specific surface, or match a color, but also about shelf appeal and a brand narrative. Keep in mind the story may not be the one you think you are telling because of your label design, graphics, color, etc. artwork look and feel. In other words, your design could be working against the best of intentions.

Great digital designers create websites for mobile viewing first because the majority of people are going to be viewing a particular site on a mobile device first. Label design is similar. Make sure your design, layout and colors are designed for the label size and shape instead of designing for a computer screen and trying to work backwards. It can look great on the laptop but in the transfer to the label size objects, or fonts can be off dimensionally, poor resolution, or blurry.

Also, too many details, or copy can kill a label, or packaging. Whitespace is a good thing when it is balanced with layout, color and design. The right amount of whitespace can draw the eye to the logo, or story you want to tell.

Working with a reputable and professional label printing company can help you avoid these kinds of mistakes. Images in label artwork are another potential snare. Usually high-resolution images look better than low resolution ones. Vector files (.ai, .cdr, .fh, .eps) are preferred to raster files (.jpg, .gif, .tif, .bmp) because you don’t run as much risk on definition and resolution as you do with pixelated files.

Printing companies with a professional pre-press department/team can accurately assess your proposed artwork and the printability on the substrate of the label. This can save valuable time so you are not submitting artwork that just won’t print, or look great only to have it going back and forth between the printing company and your graphic artist for changes.

At Century Printing & Packaging we have been printing labels that stick, but have great eye appeal and consistently tell your brand story. We don’t mind telling you your label sucks if it means we can help you produce something that is more appealing and a higher quality. We do labels and packaging so trust us to work with you like a partner instead of a job number.

Ben Waldrop, President Century Printing & Packaging
Greer, SC 29651

Coronavirus & Printing Labels

Our smartphones, tablets, TV’s, social media and the Internet are rolling out more stories and rumors about the coronavirus than we can absorb. At the epicenter in China, the virus has had a big impact on the label printing industry. Writing for LabelsandLabeling.com Yolanda Wang notes:

The outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia has hit China hard and is now spreading around the world. What are the implications for China’s label printing industry?

Firstly, before any company can resume work they have to demonstrate they have made preparations to prevent the spread of the epidemic. This includes providing face masks, disinfectant, sanitizer, and thermo-detectors. A serious shortage of face masks has led the price to triple in just a few weeks. All this adds to label converters’ production costs.

The second issue concerns employees. Most workers do not live locally and are heavily affected by restrictions on public transport. One label converter, Dongguan Sunway, has dispatched company buses to pick up employees directly from their homes. Even if staff do get to work, they may then face a 14-day quarantine period.

Xinxiang Honglian Printing, located in Henan province, resumed work on February 10. ‘Today, only employees with a normal body temperature, living in a place without a virus outbreak, and without travel history and contact with Hubei people, are allowed to enter our workshop,’ says Huang Changjun, general manager of Honglian. ‘This means our current production is only half what it was before the virus outbreak.’

We live in a global economy and China supplies millions of diverse goods, services, and products that were previously supplied in the States by American companies. Among them, labels and packaging. It’s understandable when you are running thousands of labels and packaging that you might seek price as the deciding factor. However, when a global pandemic disrupts supply chains, shipping, and production, companies need to make decisions that protect their bottom line and produce results on time.

American label printing and packaging companies are largely local and family-owned. They contribute to the local community’s tax base through employment and the manufacturer and sales of goods. They offer competitive pricing and produce high-performing, quality work. And they have a quick turnaround time on production and shipping in the U.S. In-country supply chain management and impeccable quality is what you will get when you use a U.S. printing and packaging company.

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe producers could be in a bind as the virus continues to spread globally and in the U.S. Clear labels on products containing alcohol and other natural disinfectants need to withstand repeated usage without running, staining, or peeling. American label printing and packaging companies know how to get this done fast, within budget and with on-time shipping to the point of sale, or the distribution center.

At Century Printing and Packaging we recently had an “emergency order” for these products and were able to move fast and fulfill the order with one-day shipping. We specialize in label printing with the highest quality and standards. It’s why so many of our clients are return customers. We work with our customers seeking solutions that stick! Contact us today to ensure your product labels are done right and shipped on time!

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Images: KIM HONG-JI/REUTERS Anna Earl on Unsplash